Afterschool Drawing Club (ages 8+)

Afterschool Drawing Club allows students to experience drawing in a collaborative and welcoming studio environment. Decompress from the school week with some open drawing time!

This is an open studio - dropoff and pickup can be any time between 3:00pm and 5:30pm.

Students are expected to be able to function independently. Projects will be determined by the student with teacher support, in which students are asked to work outside their comfort zones and take on aspects of drawing that they find most stimulating. Teachers and students will have an opportunity to work one to one when needed but will also benefit from the group environment and shared experiences.

Students will have access to all the materials to use in their projects individually. Although not required, it is ighly recommended that students have experience taking another class through Sugoi Arts.

Please note this class runs for two hours, however the price is for a typical 1.5 hour class. We recognize that dropoff time will be dependant on your school's departure time, and have factored this into the cost of the class.

CLASSES ARE SIZE LIMITED to eight students. The studio environment is managed so students learn to accept challenges, solve problems and judge their own artwork without debilitating self-criticism.  Please call (608) 513 8134 for more information.

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Afterschool Drawing Club (ages 8+)
2 hour | 6 sessions | $145.00

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