Basic Drawing

THE LEARNING OBJECTIVES for Basic Drawing introduces students to a structured drawing process which includes learning how to "see to draw," plan and follow through. The class projects are designed to guide students toward developing drawing skills while encouraging personal expression and creativity. While many of the projects are guided, each student is allowed and encouraged to work with his or her own vision and produce a unique finished piece. As in all Sugoi Arts classes there is no critique, commentary or competition and students are asked to assess their own work. In this safe environment students learn that they can follow their instincts, explore new ideas and take chances in their work without fear of criticism.

Our once per week classes at Sugoi Arts are presented along a guided or semi-guided demonstration model where instructors lead students through logical thinking processes and actual drawing sequences. Students work on their own artwork independently and follow the "process" as presented by the instructor. Using this instructional technique students are able to see the drawing being built as a demonstration in front of them, yet also work independently by interpreting and following the verbal and visual instructions. Most of the learning takes place as a result of the hands-on execution by each student. Instructors demonstrate how to resolve problems and move through routine issues that every artist faces during projects. 

CLASSES ARE SIZE LIMITED to eight students. The studio environment is managed so children learn to accept challenges, solve problems and judge their own artwork without debilitating self-criticism. We teach students that drawing requires practice and errors are normal and expected. Not all their results will be satisfying, but they will learn and improve their skills with every project. Please call (608) 513 8134 for more information.

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Basic Drawing
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