Manga Comic Drawing

In this class, aspiring mangaka will learn how to sketch, ink, and tone their own manga. This class covers the more sophisticated aspects of manga drawing including layout, character interaction, and background.

MANGA COMIC DRAWING will assume prior skills and develop more sophisticated aspects of drawing, plus use advanced techniques that require more time to complete. Manga Comic Drawing classes may also be theme oriented, using existing stories both from Western culture such as Alice in Wonderland and the eastern culture as opportunities to create supporting Manga illustrations. 

The fall trimester of this class runs October 7th - December 16th, with a break for Thanksgiving weekend.

CLASSES ARE SIZE LIMITED to eight students. The studio environment is managed so students learn to accept challenges, solve problems and judge their own artwork without debilitating self-criticism.  Please call (608) 513 8134 for more information.

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Manga Comic Drawing
1.5 hours | 6 sessions | $145.00

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