Sugoi Arts Policies

Most classes meet once a week and consistent participation is encouraged to maximize artistic skill building and confidence. Full tuition is required to hold student’s place in class. Students may enroll at any time during the year if there is availability.

Registration & Payment

Upon submitting the registration online you will be emailed a receipt confirmation which contains a copy of the class information you submitted. If you did not pay online you will also receive a tuition statement. Please email us or call 608-513-8134 if you have questions.

If there is any problem placing a student in the requested class we will contact you soon after we receive your registration. We will confirm all students approximately 3 to 5 days before classes begin. It is not possible to do this earlier because we routinely have to shift students around to accommodate change-of-class requests, other program conflicts, etc.


Class fees are indicated on the class page. Tuition is due no later than 7 calendar days after registration is submitted and may be mailed to: Sugoi Arts, 6705 Cooper Ave., Middleton WI 53562

Discounts are available for families with multiple students, home-schoolers and senior citizens. Please contact us for more information.

Sugoi Arts does not offer refunds for classes missed by students. Full refunds will only be granted if a class/program is cancelled by the school or if a student registration is received for a class which is full.

There is a $25 non-refundable deposit built into the course fee. Students who withdraw from classes prior to a trimester class start date will be refunded tuition according to the following schedule:

  • 100% refund minus deposit if notice of withdrawal is given more than two weeks prior to class start date;
  • 50% refund minus deposit if notice of withdrawal is given between 1 to 14 days prior to class start date;
  • 0% refund if notice of withdrawal is provided on or after the class start date.
  • Full refunds may be offered if the withdrawal vacancy can be filled immediately.

Arrivals and Departures

Sugoi Arts classes ALWAYS START ON TIME and students need every minute of the class time to work on projects. We must take a strong stand on delivery and pick up of your children at the designated times of the class. It is essential to arrive on time. Late arrivals are disruptive to every other student and penalize them even though they arrived on time.

STUDENTS WHO ARRIVE LATE SHOULD BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. LATE ARRIVING STUDENTS MAY NOT BE DROPPED OFF AT THE DOOR. THE STUDIO DOORWAY WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 5 MINUTES PAST THE PUBLISHED START-TIME OF THE CLASS. Students must be picked up promptly at dismissal time. Parents of children age 8 and under should come into the studio at the time of dismissal and accompany their children.

We do not wish to impose inflexible policies on our students or families but the impact from late arrivals is serious enough that we must enforce this consistently. Every week, the first minutes of class are important to introduce the project, explain the learning objectives and teach students how to organize their thinking around the "process" we will follow. To accomplish this the studio environment must stimulate and engage them, allow them to focus without distraction and integrate information about both the drawing and the process. Late arrivals can negate all of these desired results for the entire class. Timely arrivals will go a long way to help us maintain the quality of our classes and give students all their allotted time to finish up projects in class. Please allow adequate time to arrive at the studio on time for the beginning of the class.

Guests and Try-outs

A one-time class fee of $25 is required for all try-out students. Try-outs are available in classes with openings only. Guests (family members, friends, etc.) are welcome on an available space basis at the hourly rate for the class that is attended. Please schedule in advance by calling (608) 513 8134

Missed Classes

Sugoi Arts does not offer refunds for missed classes. If a student is unable to attend a class, a family member or friend may take the student's place (they must be age appropriate). Alternately, STUDENTS MAY REQUEST ACCESS TO AN ONLINE VIDEO PROJECT AS A MAKE-UP PROJECT, OR THE STUDENT MAY ASK TO ATTEND A DIFFERENT CLASS DURING THE WEEK OF THE CURRENT LESSON PLAN. THE MISSED PROJECT MUST STILL BE THE CURRENT WEEKLY PROJECT. MAKE-UPS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY IN CLASSES WHICH HAVE OPENINGS DUE TO AN ABSENCE OR ARE NOT FULLY ENROLLED. This is a limited, first-come, first-served arrangement and once a class is full it is closed for additional make up students. ALL FULLY ENROLLED CLASSES ARE CLOSED FOR MAKE UPS. We have surveyed a number of local organizations and find that our policy is among the most flexible. Most art and music organizations offering group classes simply state that there are NO make-ups available. Sugoi Arts students MUST receive permission to attend a different class day. Please DO NOT simply show up at a different class. Please call us at (608) 513 8134 to arrange for make ups.

OPEN STUDIO will be available to students on occasional scheduled days. This is a time when registered students can use the studio and materials to complete unfinished artwork. There is no additional fee. To attend an Open Studio please note the following:

  • This time is made available for students to work on UNFINISHED project artwork. It is not a free drawing time, nor is it daycare. We cannot provide materials to friends or siblings.
  • Children under the age of 8 may NOT be left in the studio to work on their own. Parents or a guardian should be present.
  • Older students may work unaccompanied as long as the parent or guardian can be contacted when they are finished with their artwork, or they can leave independently.
  • Students should be prepared to work without guidance since there may not be a teacher present or the teacher may be too busy to provide individual assistance.
  • Scheduled Open Studio days will be posted in the studio and are listed on the calendar page.

Student Behavior

Sugoi Arts classes are designed to provide the best possible learning experience for every student. Our standards are high and we constantly measure our performance. To create and maintain this environment we must require appropriate behavior from our students. Any activity which distracts/disrupts other students in the class (including late arrival) is unacceptable. Students will always be given reasonable opportunities to modify unacceptable behavior and remain in a class. However, if students persist with classroom disruptions we mayhave no choice but to remove them. We understand that many children have behavioral and/or learning disabilities which may influence their classroom behavior. The Sugoi Arts experience can greatly benefit these children, and we will always try to be as flexible as possible, however we cannot allow any class to repeatedly be disrupted. Please help us to help your children by reinforcing these classroom requirements. If you have questions or concerns please speak with us.


The bathroom at Sugoi Arts is located directly outside our studio. We encourage all parents to make sure that children use the bathroom prior to class. Sugoi Arts staff cannot accompany any children to the bathroom in the event that they need to use the facilities.


We are often open for class on public school Snow Days! Always call Sugoi Arts at (608) 513 8134 or visit our web site (it's updated frequently) to find out if we are open or closed due to weather. Telephone announcements may also be available. We do not alway follow the public school closures. Even if local schools are closed for the day, Sugoi Arts may be open. If classes are cancelled due to weather, Make-up classes will be scheduled (see Weather Cancellations below).

Weather Cancellations

In the event that we must cancel classes due to severe weather all canceled classes for that day will be rescheduled to the immediate following Monday at the same time as the regular class day. If there are multiple cancellations during one week we will post a schedule of make-up dates. The studio is in use every day except Monday so this is the only time we can hold an entire day's worth of classes like this. We recognize that not everyone will be able to attend a make-up class at this time, however it is the only option we have to provide a make up class. We know from experience that multiple make up dates will NOT satisfy everyone because some students will not be able to attend any other than their normal class time.

Art Show

Sugoi Arts Student Art Show is not currently scheduled (check back later for date). All students are encouraged to participate in the exhibit.

Student Artwork

Each student's artwork may go home when it is complete. Students may not complete projects every week. Even the younger drawing students may work on extended projects for more than one week. Students will receive an appropriate size portfolio case at the time of enrollment to store their artwork. Portfolios must be kept at the studio until enrollment is terminated or classes end for the school year. Loss of the portfolio during the school year will require replacement which must be paid for by the student/family.